"Jedi Kittens" is Star Wars mixed with adorable to create viral video gold!

(CBS) - Do you love Star Wars? Do you enjoy videos of adorable kittens? Why am I even asking?  Of course you do! So get ready to have your mind blown by this video that has worlds collide in the most adorable of ways: Jedi Kittens!

The video was created by YouTube user FinalCutKing who writes about it:

Don't be fooled by their cuteness because they are really some crazy Jedi Kittens! I know it's short but when I saw these kittens playing around with light sabers I had to start filming. Hopefully this can hold you over until the next video!    ***No Animals Were Harmed***

We here at The Feed would like to thank you, FinalCutKing, for taking two seemingly separate obsessions of the Internet and turning them into a delicious blend of cute and cool!