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Jeb Bush: Trump in 2015 was "unhinged, liberal"

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush took a look back at rival Trump's 2015 campaign season and drew one conclusion: his rival is "unhinged, liberal & dishonest."

In a new video titled "Happy New Year, Chaos Candidate!" the Bush campaign slammed the real estate mogul with a compilation of Trump's five major gaffes of the year. Bush tweeted the video early Wednesday morning:

NEW VIDEO: In 2015 Donald Trump was unhinged, liberal & dishonest. Counting down the worst he had to offer this year

— Jeb Bush (@JebBush) December 30, 2015

According to Bush, Trump's worst moment was "when he got his military advice from 'the shows'," referring to an NBC News interview with the candidate that aired in August.

When "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd asked Trump who he spoke with for advice on defense matters, Trump responded, "Well, I watch the shows" -- presumably referring to the political talk shows that air Sunday on the major broadcast and cable networks.

That stumble has provided Bush with ample fodder on the campaign trail, where the former Florida governor has implied numerous times that Trump was actually getting his advice from "Saturday morning" cartoons.

In his compilation video, Bush hit Trump hardest on the businessman's lack of foreign policy and defense experience.

Among the other worst gaffes of Trump's 2015, Bush listed "when he sucked up to Putin" in fourth place. ("I welcome it, I think it's great," Trump has said of the praise Putin has directed at the GOP front-runner.)

In third, the video named the moment "when [Trump] didn't know what the nuclear triad was."

It referred to an incident during the GOP's fifth Republican debate, when Trump skirted the question of which leg he would prioritize of the nuclear triad -- the U.S.'s ability to launch nuclear attacks from the air, from land, or from submarines.

In second place on Bush's list: Trump saying that "ISIS wasn't our fight."

The GOP candidate has repeatedly proposed that Russia and Syria should take a larger role in defeating the terrorist organization. Trump has also promised to "bomb the hell out of ISIS."

And the only moment unrelated to foreign policy that Bush slammed Trump over: "When he talked about the Bible," listed in fifth place.

Trump, who has said in the past that his favorite book was the Bible, was asked for his favorite Bible verse during an interview with Bloomberg in August.

Trump dodged the query and said, "I wouldn't want to get into it because to me that's very personal."

When he was questioned about whether he was more of an "Old Testament guy or New Testament guy," Trump responded that he was "probably equal."

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