Jaycee Dugard memoir to be released this summer

The cover of Jaycee Lee Dugard's memoir, "a stolen life".
Simon and Schuster
Jaycee Lee Dugard to tell her story in new book
The cover of Jaycee Lee Dugard's memoir, "A Stolen Life".
Simon and Schuster

(CBS/AP) Jaycee Dugard is publishing a memoir to be released this summer. The now 31-year-old was abducted in 1991 and held captive for 18 years before escaping in 2009.

Simon & Schuster announced that Dugard's account of her ordeal will go on sale starting July 12.

Pictures: Jaycee Dugard
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The book, titled "A Stolen Life," will cover Dugard's kidnapping and life with Phillip and Nancy Garrido, who confessed to her abduction and rape.

In addition to the hardcover and electronic book editions, the memoir will be released as an audio book narrated by Dugard herself.

Since returning to her family, Dugard has maintained a private life in California with her mother and her two daughters fathered by Phillip Garrido.

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