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Jay Leno puckers up for Bar Refaeli, kisses "Walter" instead

A kiss is still a kiss.

During the opening of his late-night talk show Tuesday night, funnyman Jay Leno asked 27-year-old model Bar Refaeli if the two of them could re-create a now-infamous kissing scene from her recent Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial.

In the TV spot, Raefeli smooches a man named Walter, who some would say was unattractive. "Walter" was played by 34-year-old Jesse Heiman, an actor who has performed mostly extra work and was relatively unknown before the ad's release.

As the 62-year-old "Tonight Show" host closed his eyes and waited for the kiss from Refaeli the Israeli model moved away and Heiman surprisingly stepped in and locked lips with Leno.

Watch the video above to see Leno's reaction when he finds out who he's actually necking with.

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