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Japan Mourns Oldest Twin

This has not been the happiest of winters in Japan, CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen reports. Last month, Japan's young princess suffered a miscarriage just weeks after announcing she was pregnant. And Sunday, it lost a national treasure: Kin Narita died at age 107. She and her twin sister were beloved symbols of graceful aging.

They were a treasured pair in a nation that cherishes its elderly. Kin and Gin were twins and friends for 107 years.

Fame came to them late in life -- with appearances on TV shows where their sharp wit and charm turned them into Japanese celebrities.

Their last joint appearance was a tree planting ceremony celebrating their latest birthday.

Even their names were special. Kin means gold, Gin means silver.

Surviving sister Gin said the death was almost too much to bear. "It's such a shame," she said. "I've never been this sad before."

Kin's life included 11 children, 11 grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and even one great-great grandchild. She lived with one of her sons, and was recently bedridden with flu, telling family members Sunday morning she wanted to sleep a bit later and, say doctors, simply slipped away.

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