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Jamaat ul Mujahideen in Bangladesh Issues Two-Hour Video

(Jamaat ul Mujahideen in Bangladesh )
A lengthy video produced by Jamaat ul Mujahideen in Bangladesh (JMB) has been posted on the Mujaheddin Internet Forum. The video, entitled "Worship God and Avoid Taghoot" is almost two hours and 30 minutes long and aims to create awareness about the group, its goals and activities. The group's main objective as clear in the video is to remove the current Bengali regime and replace it with an Islamic State based on Islamic law.

Excerpts from old video statements by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda in Iraq former leader Abu Mus'ab al Zarqawi and other militant Islamist leaders were featured in the tape along with footage of Taliban fighters from Waziristan, and footage of al Farouq Camp in Afghanistan.

The video also showed pictures from the group's training camp called "Ataur Rahman Sunny Brigades Camp," which was named after the group's military commander, who was sentenced to death and executed on in 2007 together with five other top JMB leaders, including his older brother Maulana Abdur Rahman and Bangla Bhati.

(JMB) is one of the two main Radical Islamic semi political movements in Bangladesh . The organization was founded in 1998 in Dhaka by Maulana Abdur Rahman and Bangla Bhati. and preached a Salafist doctrine of Islam. Jamaat-Ul-Mujahideen referred to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan as a right model for Bangladesh .

The organization became noticed widely in Bangladesh when in May of 2005 25 petrol bombs and documents detailing the activities of the organization were discovered and eight of its members were arrested in Parbatipur, Bangladesh .

After a few attacks on NGOs' offices in Bangladesh in 2005, JMB was officially banned by the government of Bangladesh, but it managed to continue operating illegally.

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