Jake England and Alvin Lee Watts both face three counts of first-degree murder for Tulsa shooting rampage

Jake England, left, and Alvin Watts are each being held on more than $9 million bond.
Jake England, left, and Alvin Watts
Jake England, left, and Alvin Watts

(CBS/WOTV/AP) TULSA, Oklahoma - The two men accused of killing three people in a shooting rampage in Tulsa last week have been charged with three counts of first-degree murder each, reports CBS affiliate WOTV.

Jacob Carl England, 19, and Alvin Lee Watts, 33, were also charges with two counts of shooting with intent to kill and five counts of malicious intimidation or harassment, which are hate crimes. All five victims were black.

"The State argues that these crimes were senseless acts of violence and showed no respect for human life," states the prosecution's motion to deny bond.

A Facebook page attributed to England contained racial slurs and hinted that the victims were targeted because of their race. Crime Stoppers tipsters told police England may have killed to avenge his own father's murder by a black man, an affadavit says. Court documents say both men confessed.

Edwards and Watts are being held at the Tulsa County Jail on more than $9 million each but Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris filed a motion Friday to have the bond revoked.

Under Oklahoma law, the potential punishment for first-degree murder is life with parole, life without parole or potentially the death penalty. The shooting with intent to kill charges carry up to life in prison.

Drummond said he would make a decision about whether to seek the death penalty at a later date.

Dead in the shootings are Bobby Clark, 54; William Allen, 31; and Donna Fields, 49. Deon Tucker, 44, and David Hall, 46, both survived gunshot wounds.

England and Watts were arrested about 24 hours after the shootings occurred. Police had limited information from one survivor that a white male in a white truck was the shooter but calls to the Crime Stoppers tip line provided leads in the case, reports WOTV.

According to the motion to revoke bond, England has a minimal criminal history, with just one count of driving with a suspended license on his record. Watts, on the other hand, has past arrests for assault and battery and aggravated assault and battery.