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Jaish Al Ummah To Hamas: "Whose Side Are You On?"

The Palestinian jihadi salafist group Jaish al Ummah denounced the arrest of 12 of the group's members, including a senior commander, by Hamas' security force in Gaza.

The statement says four of the group's members were on their way to carry out an operations when Hamas' internal security force in Gaza stopped them, took their weapons away and arrested them. "The arrest campaign against our mujahideen continued, and yesterday they arrested the field commander of Jaish al Ummah in Khan Younis along with seven other mujahideen," adds the statement.

The group lashed out at Hamas' leadership and accused them of trying to maintain the ceasefire in order to keep their positions in the weak government. The statement sarcastically asks if these were the same values Hamas' spiritual leader Ahmad Yassin and political leader Rantissi have given up their lives for.

The group said it would not try to escalate tensions with Hamas, but urged the group to come back to reason and release their prisoners.