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Jack White angers fans after pulling the plug early

(CBS News) Jack White angered fans at New York City's Radio City Music Hall Saturday night when he walked off stage after just a 45-minute set.

The rocker, who's been touring behind his debut solo album, played just 12 songs before leaving the stage without any explanations, reports The New York Observer.

Concertgoers were clearly expecting more from White, who could have easily tapped into material from his other bands: The Raconteurs, Dead Weather or The White Stripes.

After he suddenly left the stage, the crowd cheered for more, but after 20 minutes, the lights went on and audience finally got the hint that White was not coming back, according to The Observer.

Angry fans tried to return the merchandise they had purchased before the show began, while some other irate people took to the streets, banging on two parked tour buses and chanting "[Expletive Jack White!"]. Fans also took to Twitter to complain about the abrupt ending to a show for which they shelled out at least $40 a ticket.

The 37-year-old guitarist hasn't offered an explanation for what happened, but he appeared to be unhappy with the crowd's participation level. At one point during the gig, he said, "Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?"

Meanwhile, one Radio City Music Hall employee told The Observer, "He wasn't happy with the sound. I don't know why he pulled that."

White is on tour through early November behind his new album, "Blunderbuss," which debuted at No. 1 in April.