It's Viagra's Birthday, and Pfizer Wants You to Get Your Lips Around This Party Blower

Last Updated May 5, 2010 4:19 PM EDT


Pfizer (PFE)'s Viagra is celebrating an 11th birthday in Canada and a 10th in France -- and has made these suggestive ads to celebrate. The French TV spot shows a birthday candle that grows rather than melts, as a Barry White-style voiceover croons, "Hey baby, look at me. I got something just for you."

In Canada, the company displayed rather less taste: They made a Viagra party blower for their sales force. In case you don't get the joke, the company's ad agency, Taxi, made this presentation (pictured, click to enlarge). Can't think why they chose a female model to blow into it when the product is for men ... oh, right.

The ads cement Pfizer's reputation as the most irreverent of the drug advertisers, in a category not known for humor.

Consumers generally don't care how old a product is, yet companies are obsessed with commemorating their various anniversaries -- and making ads about them. One suspects that on many products, advertisers quickly run out of new stories to tell about something that just does the same thing over and over. A jubilee offers a new tale, doesn't have controversy associated with it, and is firmly focused on the brand.


Image courtesy of AdPharm.