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It's Tummy Time!

Just as Baby Mozart was, at one time, all the rage, now "tummy time" is the latest infant-stimulation craze to take hold among new parents.

Moms and dads are turning to it because they don't want their kid to be the last on the block to crawl!

This belly fad seems to be a fallout of a shift in child rearing that began in the 1990s, when experts began encouraging parents to put babies on their backs to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Parents discovered that babies who spend so much time on their backs were developmentally delayed and had flat heads!

According to the Center for SIDS in Hackensack, N.J., there is no danger to this belly fad as long as babies are put to sleep on their backs. The number of SID related deaths has declined since parents were advised to put babies to sleep on their backs, a spokesman said.

Tummy time seems to be cropping up everywhere; even toy companies are marketing tummy toys.

The question most parents want to know is: Is there real benefit in putting babies on their bellies?

Find out on Monday when The Early Show talks to Dr. Lyuba Konopasek, a mother and practicing pediatrician, and an associate professor of pediatrics at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center.