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It's Only Just Begun

No matter your political persuasion, we should all be thankful that this has been a week of strong storylines – Democratic takeover of Congress, rejection of Republican leadership, voter unhappiness with the war in Iraq, etc. Even better, we had a couple days of hanging suspense as control of the Senate was being officially decided. Of course, the Donald Rumsfeld resignation, President Bush's press conference and all the drape-measuring happening in Washington has helped as well. Let's face it, even if you're a Republican-in-mourning right now, at least we've been spared a few days of presidential campaign news.

Yes, campaign 2008 is officially here but it's arrival did not merit major play this week thanks to all the real news taking place. But brace yourselves because it's going to be coming on strong. Even before Tuesday's vote, Congressman Duncan Hunter had announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination – and he wasn't even on anyone's watch list. Yesterday, outgoing Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack kicked of his bid to lead the Democratic Party. Senator Barak Obama made headlines just by saying he might think about it. And the real heavy hitters have barely begun to warm up.

There's no doubt that the next presidential election will likely be one of the most wide-open and exciting contests this country has ever seen. With no standard bearer for the current administration (unless Vice President Cheney changes his mind and decides to run), we're going to see a glut of candidates in both parties throwing caution to the wind and their hats into the ring. But, as historic and exciting as 2008 may be, can't we at least wait until 2007 to start the obsessive speculation?

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