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It's Morning in America for Rich People

I've been listening for it all day and I haven't heard it yet. The stampede of rich Americans running to open their checkbooks after they jumped off all that money they've been sitting on so they can help get the country moving again. One of the arguments for extending the Bush tax cuts was that small business folks didn't like the uncertainty of looming bigger tax bills. Some even vowed to not expand their businesses if their taxes went up. Well, now you know. It's morning in America for rich people, especially with the bonus of the estate tax cut. Now's the time to live and die if you're rich in these United States. So let's go rich folk. Lead the way. Start spending. Start hiring. Start loaning. Now that you have broken free from the shackles of the threat of Clinton-era tax rates it's time to trickle down again, in earnest.

Just a Minute, I'm Harry Smith, CBS News

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