It's A Family Affair

The Bridges family of North Carolina, all military

The possibility of war in Iraq is affecting the lives of thousands and thousands of American families whose sons and daughters, mothers and fathers serve in the U.S. military. CBS News Correspondent Bobbi Harley met with one very special family.

For 25-year-old army sergeant Fontae Bridges, heading into a possible war could come within weeks.

"Was he scared?" Harley wanted to know.

"No, I'm like the fearless Bridges," he replied.

The fearless Bridges as in dad, Army Sgt. Major Ather Bridges; mom, Army Staff Sgt. Lashon Bridges; brother, Marine Sgt. Christopher Bridges; brother, former Marine Deedee Bridges; and his wife, Army Sgt. Stacy Bridges.

"That's the Bridges way, you might as well say, we're all airborne, we have no fear," said Fontae.

Mom and Dad have served in war zones before -- it will be the first time for their sons.

"They chose to come, so I guess it's now time to pay the piper," said Ather.

But for now, it's still a Bridges family affair at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Youngest brother Marcus, 13, is the only one not in the military. Not yet, anyway.

"When I grow up, I plan on being in the Air Force or a football player," he told Harley.

At 13, he will be the one left behind, but he's not alone in missing his mom and dad. At least one of their offspring hopes he's deployed with his parents.

"I would love it," said Fontae. "To see Mom's face. To see Dad's face. It would relax you a lot better."

Though that probably won't happen, nothing seems to deter the spirit of these fighting Bridges.

"We are here to do a job and we're going to do that job," he said.