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It Is The Hunting Season After All

Mike Huckabee says the presidential campaign trail isn't going to stop him from getting in a little bird and whitetail hunting, though he's planning to go gunning in critical political states. His schedule will have him duck hunting in South Carolina and pheasant hunting in Iowa. His deer venue isn't picked. Huck tells us that he isn't a trophy hunter waiting for that 10-point buck to walk by. "I'm more of a meat hunter" who likes to fill his freezer, he says.

The former gop Arkansas governor says his hunts won't be like Sen. John Kerry's last-minute goose shoot at the end of the 2004 presidential campaign. "There was more authenticity in Ashlee Simpson lip-synching on Saturday Night Live," he says of the Bay State waterfowler. "When you come out of the woods with a laundered crease in your Orvis pants with tags still hanging off them, you didn't go hunting for the geese but for the gullible."

By Paul Bedard