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Israel's "Diplomatic Mess of Mammoth Proportions"

On Wednesday's Washington Unplugged, host Bob Orr was joined by CBS News National Security Analyst Juan Zarate and CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst Pamela Falk for a roundtable discussion about the continuing fallout over Israel's deadly commando raid of an aid flotilla headed for the Gaza Strip.

Because of both the raid itself and the subsequent bungling of the official response, Israel is facing a tidal wave of global criticism, leaving its international standing in a downward spiral. "Israel is under attack at the United Nations, internationally and in particular from Turkey with all eyes focused on Israeli policies, not just in this instance, but with respect to Gaza," Zarate said.

The United Nations met on Memorial Day for thirteen hours and ultimately issued a resolution condemning the deadly raid - without assigning blame. When asked about the prospects for an investigation into the matter, as called for by the U.N., Falk told Orr, "The international community is very interested in an investigation and [what] will be key [is] who does the investigation. The Human Rights Commission is discussing this issue and Israel would like to investigate it themselves."

Zarate looked at the impact the raid may have on an already tense relationship between Israel and its closest Muslim ally, Turkey.

"This is one of the fundamental issues to come from this event on the high seas," he said. "You really have what may be the ultimate rupture between Turkey and Israel which changes the shape and complexion of relations in the Middle East. Turkey has played a moderate role. They've been a friend to Israel and now with that loss, Israel is starting to feel more isolated and vulnerable."

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