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Israeli "Newscast" Satirizes Raid Critics

Trying to hit back at worldwide condemnation of Israel following Monday's raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, a team of Israeli satirists have started a parody TV show -- kind of like "Saturday Night Live"'s Weekend Update. In Hebrew, the anchors say this is the newscast that reaches conclusions long before the facts are known.

The pro-Israel satirical points are made in Hebrew, meaning for now it's reaching Israelis who may need cheering up when their country is being so roundly condemned and even the Israeli press says the naval commandos and the political leaders who gave the orders did a bad job.

Though the online "newscast" at is entirely in Hebrew, it includes a highly creative English-language parody of "We Are the World." Check it out and comment away.

An Israeli newspaper columnist, American-born Caroline Glick, is a leading light in the creative team.

The debate over the Gaza flotilla incident, in which at least nine people on one of the ships were killed by Israel's military, is extending into online forums more than ever before: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other sites are buzzing.