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Is Internet Addiction Sapping Your Productivity?

Last Friday, I got out of bed to discover that my Internet cable service was out. Not only couldn't I get any e-mail in Outlook, but I was unable to see any Web pages.

That was bad enough, but then I found that my iPhone wasn't working either -- for some reason, I couldn't connect to my POP server via the phone, and most Web sites would not load. I was totally cut off from the Internet.

Since both my desktop and mobile Internet were dead, I actually worried that some sort of catastrophe had struck during the night.

I ended up calling fellow BizHacker Rick and asked him if, you know, the world still existed. He was surly and unsympathetic. In fact, I almost wished the Zombie Apocalypse had struck, and he was vainly fighting off infected mutants with the handle of a rake.

I proceeded to get nothing done. I obsessed about my lack of connectivity, and couldn't enjoy my breakfast without my morning ritual of Web sites to browse.

My connections came back to life about an hour later, but the experience drove home how addicted I had become to my morning fix of e-mail and Web surfing before I started working in the morning. Indeed, I've now decided to rewire my brain by not accessing the Internet in any way until noon for a few weeks. I suspect -- I hope -- it will make me more productive.

What about you? Is your Internet time in the morning hours a business necessity, a break from the coming monotony of the day, or an addiction that saps your productivity? Weigh in with a comment.

Photo by Alan Cleaver

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