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Is Harassment Lawsuit Why New York Mayor Bloomberg's Kissing Up To Women?

By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

New York City women: beware. Yes, Mayor Michael Bloomberg pro-choice. Yes, he's been a great dad to his two daughters (one of whom, Georgina, seems well on her way to becoming an Olympic equestrian). And yes, he's spending a small fortune running ads reminding female New York voters that he's their advocate on everything from choice, to ending domestic abuse, to improving education. But there's also this, from Newsday:

Bloomberg is cozying up to women at a time when his financial information company, Bloomberg LP, is being sued for discrimination. The mayor gave a deposition last month to answer questions related to the suits that allege the company discriminated against more than 80 women. Bloomberg left the company to run for mayor in 2001 and is not a defendant; the company has said the claims have no merit.

Hizzoner appears to have had nothing to do with the behavior that launched the lawsuit, but he also settled another lawsuit by one of his top executives that accused him of making repeated offensive remarks while he was still running Bloomberg LP. Stay tuned...

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By Bonnie Erbe

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