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Is 14 Year Old CPAC Star The Future Of The GOP?

Fourteen year old conservative Jonathan Krohn won a standing ovation after his three minute speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference last month. Since then, the homeschooled middle schooler has had a spread in the New York Times, done countless radio interviews and fielded interview requests from network anchors.

This week on Washington Unplugged, Krohn told host Bob Schieffer what it is like to be such a young sensation, how he defines a conservative and what he wants to be when he grows up.

"From now on I am going to be known as a political analyst and not just a kid," the author of the self-published "Define Conservatism" told Schieffer. "But I remember that if I get a big head about it then everything is going to be a whole lot worse than it has been."

Watch the interview below:

Also on this week's Washington Unplugged: Our political roundtable discusses the political implications of President Obama's education policy, and Vanity Fair columnist Christopher Hitchens gives a blunt overview of British-US relations, American foreign policy and the experience of being water boarded."

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