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Iraq Vets Sue Cops Over Alleged Urine Lick

Two Iraq war veterans allege in a federal lawsuit they were forced by smalltown Wisconsin police officers to lap up what was believed to be urine.

Wisconsin National Guardsmen Anthony Anderson and Robert Schiman filed the suit against the city of Wisconsin Dells, its police chief and three officers last week in U.S. District Court in Madison.

The guardsmen, both of whom have served two tours of duty in Iraq, were in the Dells for weekend training. Two police officers stopped them in the early morning of June 1.

The suit says officers Wayne Thomas and Collin Jacobson accused the guardsmen of urinating in public and pointed out a wet spot in an alley that they thought was urine. The guardsmen denied having relieved themselves there.

In order to prove that it was not their urine and avoid citations, the officers made Anderson and Schiman lick the ground, the lawsuit claims. Schiman also was made to eat a plant that was drenched in the liquid, it states.

The lawsuit claims a third officer arrived at the scene and was told by Jacobson, "I can't stop laughing. Wayne just made those two guys lick their own piss off the ground."

After both Anderson and Schiman licked the wet ground, Anderson was forced to do it again after one of the officers claimed he didn't see it, the suit claims.

The lawsuit states that Thomas, 19, was fired the same day as the incident and Jacobson, 20, was suspended for two weeks without pay. Both were limited term police officers.

The lawsuit seeks $600,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for each of the guardsmen, along with other unspecified damages and costs.

The suit alleges infliction of emotional distress; negligent hiring, training and supervision of Thomas and Jacobson; false imprisonment and violation of the Constitutional and civil rights of Anderson and Schiman.

Thomas' and Jacobson's attorney, Jason Baltz, and City Attorney James Gerlach did not immediately return calls Wednesday seeking comment.

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