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iPad 2 hits shelves tomorrow! What does it do?

The buzz is already building as the much anticipated iPad 2 hits shelves tomorrow. Apple sold 15 million iPad gadgets in just nine short months and many anticipate big numbers with version 2.0.

"Early Show" technology expert Katie Linendoll is one of the very first to get a sneak peek at one of the iPad 2s. She showed "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill the cool, innovative features that are sure to put a smile on consumers' faces.

But what exactly are the changes to the iPad 2 -- and why all the hype?

According to Linendoll, the iPad 2 is essentially a better product, but it still costs the same -- they range from $499 to $829.

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Here are some of the differences:

It is lighter (1.3lbs), thinner and faster. Two processors instead of one. It's a very different feel.

It comes in both black and white, and there is the addition of Apple Smart Covers.

And the biggest difference - the camera! The front- and rear-facing cameras record video, take pictures and offer video chats.

Linedoll showed Hill how it works.

"And as you can see, along with the camera, the iPad2 also has HDMI capability, which is what allows us to get the pictures and video off the iPad and onto your TV, computer, whatever. So really, the sky is the limit with how much you can do with this little device," she explained.

Linedoll also showed how to punch up the iMovie app on her iPad and a home video shows up. "I took this with me to Disney World over the weekend and could take pics and video, but also dropped (the) weight of the laptop. And then made a movie," she added.

So is this where we are going - tablets?

"For portability and power I think this is a gadget that makes a lot of sense in addition to having a powerful laptop. With that said I think we are slowly seeing the death of the desktop PC. And after Apple sold 15 million of the original in nine short months - every electronic company is trying to get a piece of the action," Linedoll explained. "As a matter of fact there are over 100 tablets on the market and Apple has an estimated 80 percent - 90 percent market share. One thing is for sure competition is dying at the reveal of this device. To be in the hunt for tablet success you have to hit Apple price point and interface - it's a tough act to follow."

Back to the iPad, when exactly can you get this? Where? Will the lines be around the corner at the Apple store tomorrow?

"It's a good question. Last time - with the iPad 1 - it was only available originally at 238 Apple stores on day one - so the lines were around the corner. There are more retail options this time around as the iPad will be available at Wal-Mart, Target, Sam's Club, Best Buy, Verizon and AT&T and of course the Apple store starting at 5 p.m." Linedoll said.

But before you buy, Linedoll reminds consumers that there are 18 different size and data options. You have two different colors and nine different data combos. So you have a lot to consider before just running out and buying at day one.

And what if you have an older model and want to upgrade?

According to Linedoll, trade-ins are big if you have the original iPad, too. One major electronic trade-in site has already hit record numbers in trade-ins and expect 10,000 plus trades by Friday. Gazelle recommends you lock in your trade in price, as price offers drop after the new product's launch date.

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