Investors Return To Mutual Funds

Investors returned to long-term mutual funds in September, pumping $11.7 billion in new investments compared to withdrawals of $7.22 billion in August.
Managing Your Money
Stock funds increased by $6.53 billion in September amid generally rising stock prices and less volatility than August, the Investment Company Institute reported Thursday.

Bond funds, nearly unchanged, took in $5.64 billion for the month. Bond funds continue to benefit from a favorable interest rate environment, the industry trade group said.

Money market mutual fund cash flow was $7.42 billion in September, down sharply from the $50.39 billion cash flow reported in August. Through September, cash flow to money market funds was $164.07 billion, more than double the $71.58 billion cash flow reported during the same period of 1997.

The combined assets of the nation's mutual funds increased to $4.896 trillion for the month of September.

Written By Craig Tolliver