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Introducing "The Bod Squad"

All week on "The Early Show," people have shared their stories of losing weight and keeping it off in the "Early Gets Down2Size" series.

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But the series isn't finished yet, by a long-shot. In January, "The Early Show"'s launching its own weight loss program with a team of health and fitness experts wer'e calling "The Bod Squad.". And we want you to be a part of it.

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The three experts who will guide "The Early Show" into part two of our series were introduced on the broadcast Friday.

Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, our health and nutrition expert, has a 10-year practice in integrative medicine and nutrition. He believes slow and steady wins the race with weight loss.

Trainer Geralyn Coopersmith, the author of "Fit + Female," is a 15-year veteran of the fitness industry. She has an M.A. in exercise physiology from Columbia University. Her mantra is that exercise is not about being skinny, it's about being fit.

Weight life coach Rovenia Brock, Ph.D. rounds out "The Bod Squad." She's the author of "10 Secrets to Livin' Healthy." She's been a leading health coach for more than two decades. Brock has a Ph.D. from Howard University in nutritional sciences. She believes that to change your life, you must change your mind first.

In January and February, all three members of the "Bod Squad" we will be embarking on an eight-week health and fitness journey to help our viewers "Get Down2Size."

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