Internet Jeans: Find Your Fit

Finding that perfect pair of jeans might just be a simple mouse click away!

Many online retailers are catering to customers who don't have time to spend in a fitting room trying on dozens of jeans. Some of these sites have created online jean advice guides and, in one instance, the ability to design a pair of jeans from scratch.

The Early Show's Debbye Turner decided to give online jean shopping a try, visiting Web sites:,,, and

  • has a feature called "Jeanfinder," inviting the customer to "find the perfect jeans in a few easy steps. No dressing room required." The customer has the option to choose jeans for women or men. The first question asked on the Web site is: "How do you like your jeans to fit at your waist?" The three options are "sit at waist," "sit below waist" or "low-rise." The second question is: "How do you like your jeans to fit against your body?" The two options are "slim" and "less slim." A third option enables you to choose your preferred leg opening.

    Turner first chose "sit below waist, less slim fit." She chose the size that she normally wears and chose "long" for length. Levis has a size chart to help determine your size if you are really stuck. She chose boot cut 515, which sits right below the waist and has a 9-and-7/8-inch front rise. There were 15 colors to choose from, and these jeans were on sale for $19.98.

    Turner loves those jeans. They fit her perfectly.

    A second pair of jeans from didn't fit; they were too tight. Turner ordered them because she wasn't sure which jean style would work best on her body, so she chose a low-rise, less slim option. Seven options came up for this search, and Turner chose the low flare 542 jeans. She also ordered theml in a size larger than she normally wears, and tried the non-stretch option.

    TIP: Consider stretch! Stretch always helps, even if it is one percent Lycra.

  • is very similar to Levis. It asks for your choice of rise, fit, and leg type. The site suggested five different pair of jeans for Turner. She ordered two pairs, one in her normal size and one in the size bigger then she normally wears.

    The size jean Turner normally wears fit perfectly. The size bigger was too big. She didn't love the color she chose, but was more than satisfied with the fit and price: $34.99.

    Again, stretch makes a big difference!