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Space station now home to a delicious sprouting onion

Fresh vegetables are a luxury on the International Space Station, but the orbital salads are about to get an upgrade. There's now an onion sprouting a lovely green top in microgravity.

Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev brought the onion on board for his stay. He arrived on March 23 along with two NASA astronauts.

Artemyev tweeted a view Monday of his veggie treasure in front of a space station window with Earth as a backdrop. The onion doesn't seem phased at all by its unusual location. The green tops can be chopped up and used like a seasoning.

This isn't Artemyev's first experience with sporting a sprouted onion in space. He brought an onion along during his last ISS mission in 2014. Along with his 2018 photo on Twitter, he also shared an older image of a space suit holding his previous onion companion.

Artemyev talked to Russian news service RT in 2014, saying "It's a real challenge. As soon as it starts growing and catches the eye of a crew member, everyone wants a taste." He says the onion is delicious.

You can see Artemyev's previous orbital onion in an Instagram post he shared in 2015.

This article originally appeared on CNET.

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