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"Instacane" tells the story of Hurricane Sandy with Instagram pictures

New York Hurricane Sandy is has sparked a host of Instagrams, tweets and Facebook updates. Those who want a glimpse into what the U.S. East Coast is experiencing may get their fix with a website that's now aggregating photos of the Category 1 hurricane. first came to attention last year, during Hurricane Irene, when a feed of storm photos were posted online. The developers have tweaked the website to pull a feed of photos from Instagram of Hurricane Sandy. The site's description simply says, "the story of hurricane sandy told through instagram."[sic] The website shows pictures being posted in real-time, however, the page must be refreshed to see new photos.

Instacane doesn't just pull any photo. Pictures uploaded to Instagram must be made public and posted to Twitter with the hashtag #Sandy to appear in the feed.

Viewers should be wary of fake photos, however. Gawker reports, several pictures have circulated online that may not be real, including soldiers standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and one of Hurricane Sandy descending on the Manhattan skyline.