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Inside The "Smartphone" Wars

Apple just revealed the next generation of its popular iPhone.

As CBS News Science and Technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg reports, the latest unveiling came on the heels of one from Palm, and with Research in Motion still going strong.

Could the competition hit Apple at its core?

It all amounts to a newly-rekindled "war" among "smartphone" makers.

Apple's latest iPhone is the 3G S.

"The 'S' simply stands for speed," Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, told the company's developers' conference in San Francisco, "because this is the most powerful, fastest iPhone we've ever made."

Its biggest new features are voice-control and a built-in video camera, Sieberg points out.

The new iPhone will sell for $199, starting June 19, but apple isn't alone in its quest for your gadget dollars, Sieberg notes.

The latest device to give the iPhone a run for its money is Palm's Pre, released this past weekend.

"It actually feels like a phone," said one satisfied Sprint customer, "as opposed to the iPhone, which is kind of a little bit more of a brickish-type thing."

The Pre only works with Sprint and the iPhone with AT&T. And both have to survive competition from RIM's BlackBerry, among others.

"There's no doubt there's a smartphone war on this summer," industry analyst Michael Gartenberg, of the Interpret market-research firm Interpret, told Sieberg, "and they're all chasing after the same consumers and the same developers."

In other words, sums up Sieberg, the smartphone battle has only just begun.