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Inside the Court with the "Barefoot Bandit"

by CBS News national correspondent Jeff Glor, reporting from Nassau, the Bahamas.

Colton Harris-Moore, the "Barefoot Bandit" walked into a court in Nassau, Bahamas wearing a white t-shirt and a navy blue bulletproof vest.

The courtroom had yellow wallpaper and low ceilings. There were only about 20 people inside, including the team of police who surrounded their high-profile suspect.

The 19-year-old was cooperative and mostly somber. The first time he said anything was when the Magistrate asked him if he understood the charge against him: Illegal Entry.

Harris-Moore replied, "Yes." Next question: "How do you plead?" "Guilty." Harris-Moore seemed almost anxious to get the word out.

The hearing was over in a matter of minutes.

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The only time he smirked or smiled was at the end, when he made eye contact with Bob Friel, the writer who penned a widely-read piece in Outside Magazine this past January that documented Harris-Moore's life on the lam. The suspect seemed happy to see Friel. They acknowledged each other - twice.=http:>

When Harris-Moore left court, the smile was long gone. He hung his head and walked in a shameful-looking way as he was led to the police station nearby. SWAT officers tried to keep cameras back, with varying degrees of effectiveness.

When it was over I asked Harris-Moore's Bahamian defense lawyer what she thought of her client (they just met yesterday). She said he it was obvious he was smart and well read. I asked, "What kind of books?" She said, "Books about psychology." I asked the lawyer if she thought Harris-Moore has been manipulating everyone this whole time. She said, "I hope not."

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