Inmate steals cash on way out of jail; guess where he is now?

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(CBS/AP) SANTA FE, N.M. - A New Mexico inmate who had just been released barely stayed clean long enough to enjoy his freedom.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office says that as 20-year-old Frank Rodriguez-Tapia was walking out of jail a free man, he stole $80 in cash from another inmate who was just being booked.

Rodriguez-Tapia took advantage of a prison guard whose back was turned, KOAT-TV reported.

Police say upon his release, Rodriguez-Tapia was supposed to report immediately to the electronic monitoring office. But instead, with stolen money in hand, he bought lunch at a burger joint.

Authorities say he later admitted to the theft, turned over the remaining $67, and was sent back to jail, facing new larceny charges.

Sure hope that burger was world-class.