Inert land mines found in luggage at airport

Passengers check in at the Delta counter at the Salt Lake City International Airport August 19, 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

SALT LAKE CITY - Multiple flights were delayed after four inert land mines were found in luggage at Salt Lake City International Airport.

Transportation Security Officials say Friday the land mines were found in luggage last week and forced security officials to delay four flights about 20 minutes.

TSA officials say the land mines were bought as souvenirs by a member of the military who had been doing training at a military base in Utah. The land mines were determined to be inert and not dangerous.

No charges are expected and the passenger carrying the land mines was allowed to continue flying.

TSA officials say in the blog posting that 22 loaded guns were found in airports around the country last week, including one being carried by a passenger.