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Improv Everywhere and the Bryant Park Stakes

(CBS)- We've all pretended to race the horses on a carousel once in a while, pretending to be a jockey urging your animal on. Improv Everywhere, the NYC based prank collective, takes this one step further turning a simple carousel ride into the Bryant Park Stakes.

The group quietly plants a dressed up jockey on the ride while setting up an announcer's table. Coupled with a trumpeter, betting table, and a roaring crowd dressed the part, the children's carousel is transformed into a high stakes horse race; a memory all the kids are sure to remember. "Kitty Kitty Bang Bang" was definitely the best name in the race, but in the end "Carrots on the Brain" was able to pull out the victory.

This isn't our first posting of the prank collective, check out their "muting" of Bryant Park, HERE.

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