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Improv Everywhere goes "mute" in Prospect Park

What would it be like if all of a sudden everyone in an open public area went "mute?" Well, the New York City based prank collective Improv Everywhere set out on their most recent mission set in Prospect Park in Brooklyn to find out as a part of the Guggenheim Museum's exhibition "stillspotting nyc."

Armed with 23 actors, from break-dancers and a street preacher, to a saxophonist and two dogs, Improv Everywhere, cycled through 30 seconds of loud behavior and 90 seconds of "muted" behavior in accordance with a timed boombox and the visual cues of on/off sunglasses by their leader and Improv Everywhere founder, Charlie Todd. Charlie would then wander the area, trying to catch verbal reactions from others witnessing the event. Puzzlement and amazement ensued as their performance lasted about 45 minutes in total.

To see more of Improv Everywhere's scene-causing missions click HERE.

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