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"If Justin Bieber Can Get Famous, Why Can't I?" Asks YouTube Guitar Hero Graham Stookey

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) "If Justin Bieber Can Get Famous, Why Can't I?" That's the title of 18-year old Graham Stookey's YouTube video, which has gained Internet traction this week. And it's a pretty fair question.

The video features the Littleton, Colo., senior riffing on his guitar like a pro and then transitioning into an acoustic set of a song he wrote called Jonah. The quick buzz has already made it to Hollywood, with record label meetings being set up as I write this blog.

These days plucking extraordinary talent from the Internet is no surprise and this kid legitimately has talent. He's worked with a guitar teacher once but is primarily self taught, writes all his own songs and like many teens in this day and age was hanging out with his buddy when they decided to shoot a video and just throw it up online.

I set up the first "official" and exclusive interview with him from his basement after school to chat about all the sudden attention and his newfound goals including an MTV show, performing with John Mayer and a hopeful prom date with Taylor Swift.

It's good to have dreams. And if they come true, he won't be the first Internet kid to leave his basement for the bright lights. And won't be the last either. Check out his music below or his YouTube channel here.

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