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ICYMI: A look back at Sunday's 60 Minutes

10/24/2021: Prince v. Spy, Running Dry, Michael Keaton
10/24/2021: Prince v. Spy, Running Dry, Micha... 43:17

Here's what you may have missed this week on 60 Minutes.

Former Saudi official says MBS wants him dead because of what he knows

Former Saudi official’s warning about MBS 13:29

Southwest states facing tough choices about water as Colorado River diminishes

Colorado River Basin plans for a drier future... 13:17

Michael Keaton on his career from "Batman" to "Birdman" to everyman

Michael Keaton: The 60 Minutes interview 13:26

Exiled former Saudi official Saad Aljabri: MBS has a "Tiger Squad" of henchmen

Aljabri: MBS has a “Tiger Squad” of hench... 06:53

Michael Keaton talks "The Godfather," his prized possessions and a possible TV cameo

60 Seconds with Michael Keaton 01:00

The legal war in "prince v. spy"

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