Irish nuns accept Ice Bucket Challenge with gusto

When Irish eyes are smiling, it may be like a morn in spring, but in the waning days of summer, a group of Irish nuns can make people do more than smile.

Some of Dublin's Redemptoristine Sisters, who describe themselves on their website as "an enclosed contemplative community of religious women," ventured onto the Web to take part in the meme of the summer of 2014.

Three of the order's nuns took up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Saturday, and their reactions were more like those of schoolgirls than members of a religious order that dates back to the 18th century.

Three nuns dumped bucket after bucket of no doubt ice-cold water on their shrieking sisters who accepted the challenge as their habits blew in the Dublin breeze.

But while the nuns' video widens the success of the viral video campaign, chances are that it was not well-received in Cincinnati.

Last month, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati came out against the campaign, citing the ALS Association's support for embryonic stem cell research.

The ALS Association said on its website that as of Thursday it's received more than $108 million in donations through the challenge.