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Man chops through debris to clear roadway after Hurricane Irma hits Florida

MIAMI -- Hurricane Irma carved a path of destruction in South Florida, but that didn't stop one man who took recovery into his own hands when debris blocked the roads.

Cliff Hartman was coming home from his 24-hour shift as a security guard and was eager to get back to his family after riding out the storm at work.

So when he ran into a blocked road in Kendall, Florida, he got out of his car, brought out his ax and started chopping away at downed trees blocking the roadways, CBS Miami reports.

Cliff Hartman spoke with CBS Miami as he took it upon himself to clear debris after Hurricane Irma swept through South Florida over the weekend. CBS Miami

He didn't feel like he nor anyone else should have to drive through all of that dangerous debris and damage their cars.

Hartman lived through Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and now he calls Irma incredibly impressive.

"I was here through Andrew but I didn't see wind and rain like this. This was an amazing storm. I figured my house was probably destroyed ... but my son said, 'No, it's fine,'" said Hartman.

His worry was that he would have to go through about 25 more trees in order to get home.

Another major issue in the area is power outages. There are a lot of low hanging power lines in the streets.

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