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Hugh Jackman takes part in Crotch Grab Challenge for testicular cancer awareness

Hugh Jackman and Will Arnett are some of the stars who have been feeling nuts lately for a good cause.

The U.K. charity group Check One Two has launched the Crotch Grab Challenge in the hopes of raising awareness about testicular cancer, in a similar vein to how the Ice Bucket Challenge brought attention to ALS and became one of this summer's biggest viral trends in the process.

Check One Two is promoting its unusual challenge on social media through the hashtag #feelingnuts, and Hollywood is taking notice.

Jackman posted a photo Wednesday on Instagram of himself, along with Nigel Barker and two others, as they accepted the challenge:

Jackman knows a thing or two about cancer screening and detection. He has had to battle skin cancer diagnoses on at least two separate occasions.

The "X-Men" star has nominated Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Strahan and Ricky Gervais to also participate in the Crotch Grab Challenge. Gervais publicly accepted the challenge -- he nominated William Shatner.

Shatner responded, too:

Funnyman Arnett has also copped a feel:

Other well-known names who have accepted the challenge so far include celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Australian rock group 5 Seconds of Summer:

The co-founders of Check One Two, brothers Simon and Andrew Salter, were inspired to create the challenge based on the success that the ALS Association has had with their Ice Bucket Challenge over the last several months.

In August alone, the ALS Association received over $100 million in donations as a result of its challenge, compared to just $2.7 million in donations received during the same one-month period in 2013.

Testicular cancer is generally rare, although it is the most diagnosed form of cancer for young American men. The disease is treatable if detected early, which is why the Salter brothers are hoping to spread their message to a global audience.

Find out more about the Crotch Grab Challenge and ways to screen yourself for testicular cancer here.

Tell us: Do you think this new challenge will catch on?