Huge kangaroo is super cute (but could probably beat you up)

(CBS News) Psssst! Hey, you. Yeah, you. Come over here. Do you want to see something super crazy and cute? Of course you do, otherwise why else would you be here at The Feed. So check out the above video and prepare to be amazed by a really, really (really!) big kangaroo.

Wow, does that kangaroo lift weights at the gym or something? He's got some serious muscles going on!  The video was posted by YouTube user mazjai3 who writes:

Jan and Brian in NSW Australia behind a mental hospital feeding wild kangaroos then a massive male comes along and wants a share. i pick up the camcorder and video Brian. I was very impressed. I've only seen the big red kangaroos grow to that size... this one was something else!

Totally adorable, but I'm with Jan... I'd be wary of getting too close to a kangaroo that could easily beat me up.  Just saying.