Huckabee Says President Should Have Sense of Humor

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

SPRINGFIELD, MO. -- Mike Huckabee joked Mitt Romney didn't hit "political puberty" until he was 60. Romney heard that and said Huckabee is always "good for a good chuckle" but "the presidency's more serious than that comment suggests."

Huckabee's response to reporters: "[Romney] would have never have liked Ronald Reagan 'cause Ronald Reagan had a great sense of humor and he used it to bring a sense of levity to the seriousness of the job."

"And that's another reason why Mike Huckabee ought to be the nominee. Because if people are looking for somebody in the mold of a true leader, they want somebody who takes God seriously but doesn't take themselves so seriously. That's what a sense of humor does. And maybe that's an affirmation: Mitt Romney said a few years ago that he wasn't part of that Reagan-Bush thing. I guess that means he didn't care a whole lot about Ronald Reagan's humor or his policies, either one."