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Huckabee Got His Invite To Arizona, Says Daughter

This weekend, three potential running mates for John McCain – Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney – will be spending time with McCain at his Arizona retreat.

Not on the list: Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, who, along with Romney, was McCain's toughest challenger for the GOP nomination and who has said that he would like to be on the Republican ticket.

A snub? Not according to Huckabee's daughter Sarah, who said in an email to the Associated Press that her father turned down an invitation to the retreat, opting instead to travel and celebrate his 34th anniversary with his wife.

The AP notes that McCain aides "have said more than two dozen people were invited for the social event and that it's not intended for vetting potential running mates," though it is widely seen as an opportunity for the presumptive GOP nominee to get a better sense of some of his top vice presidential candidates.