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How to wake up a sleeping child the right way

(CBS News) We showed you just a few moments ago how kids react to Skrillex, but let's go in a similar, yet slightly different direction, and see what kind of music can stir a slumbering child. Semi-spoiler: it happens to be a personal favorite band of mine from the 90's grunge era.

What a truly awesome way to wake up! The very cool and cute video was posted by YouTube user estebanreyes83 who writes:

This is my half little brother and she is my sister. My mother married a BIG Viking :) So brother looks a little more than 3 years. The last time we woke him up in the car, he got so grumpy and cranky. And since he loves this kind of music we just had to try a new method. I think there are parents that can recognize this scene.

Honestly, the video had me the moment I heard Nirvana's "Breed" come on. The 3-year-old boy's reaction to the song was just an amazing whip cream and cherry of amazing on top of a smile sundae.  Thanks so much for sharing such a great moment with all of us, estebanreyes83!
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