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How to Schedule Facebook Posts in Advance

Yesterday I threw some fuel on the argument that says there's a real return on investment for supporting a Facebook presence for your business. If you're already maintaining just such a page, then you know the tax that goes along with Facebook -- keeping the page fresh by positing frequent status updates and photos. Here's how to make that a little bit less onerous.

Rather than having to plan to post to Facebook in real time on a regular schedule, you can create those posts in advance and let a robot post them for you on any schedule you specify. Postcron is a Web-based service that schedules your Facebook posts for you quickly and easily. To use it, just login by giving Postcron permission to access your Facebook account. From there, enter the post information and choose a date and time to fire off the post. You can load a slew of them in advance and they'll all go live at the time you specify.

Postcron works just as advertised, and it's a convenient was to ensure a steady stream of Facebook posts even if you get sidetracked by day-to-day responsibilities or head out on vacation.

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