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How to Run a Kick-Ass Groupon Campaign

If you run any kind of service or retail business, you've probably at least considered hooking up with Groupon. The local-deal-of-the-day site can bring you thousands of new customers -- as long as you look before you leap.

OpenCal marketing director Darren Negraeff has some experience with the service, and offers 8 tips on running a successful Groupon campaign. For starters:

Limit the number of Groupons available â€" or, barring that, at least limit how they are used, ie. if you're selling restaurant or café Groupons, make sure you limit the number that can be used per visit or per table. You want to get people in the door and spending money, not eating your rent. Although there are a few blog posts flying around the internet attacking Groupon for not allowing limits on Groupons, according to Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, official company policy is to always allow caps on the number of Groupons on offer.
Negraeff also recommends hiring extra staff to deal with the spike in customers, laying in extra supplies, and making sure to include an expiration date on the coupon.

As a Groupon customer, I've found some absolutely killer deals, and the service is definitely popular among my peers. Thus, as long as you don't give away the store, so to speak, it might be just the thing you need to attract new business. If you've used Groupon yourself (as a business owner), hit the comments and tell us how it went -- and share any wisdom you've learned.

In the meantime, here's a video that offers more tips on Groupon prep:

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