How to Make the Most of Your Whiteboard

Last Updated May 28, 2008 1:02 PM EDT

whiteboard-diy.jpgWhether you work in a home office or a giant faceless corporation, nothing beats a whiteboard for sketching ideas, outlining projects, and the like. Web Worker Daily offers eight tips on making the most of a whiteboard, starting with these two:
  • Daily task list. If you prefer to do your task management the analog way, you might find the whiteboard to be a very effective task list - assuming it's visible from your work station. Having a private task list makes it easier for you to switch your schedule around and procrastinate, but if your task list is on a whiteboard and out in the open for everyone to see, it might be more embarrassing for you to leave some things undone.
  • Pending area. Some whiteboards are magnetic. If you have a magnetic whiteboard, you can attach your "pending" items to it. These pending items are the paperwork, receipts, letters, faxes, etc. that you receive but don't know where to file yet. This keeps the clutter off your desk while keeping it in an area you can easily access.
If you don't own a whiteboard or wish you could afford a larger one, check out Chris Metcalf's tutorial on building your own wall-size whiteboard for around $28.
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