How to live with extended family under one roof


ORLANDO - The number of households with at least three generations under one roof has risen by 30 percent in the last decade. Home builders have taken note, designing new houses that help families live together - without living on top of each other. CBS News correspondent Mo Rocca visted families who are living together in new homes designed with multi-generational families in mind.

If living with your mother-in-law sounds like a nightmare, you need to visit Orlando's Kevin Barnes. Barnes, with his wife, Leanne, and three-year-old son, Ethan, share a home with Leanne's mom, Linda.

"Usually, if I ever get in her way she just knocks me out of the way!" Barnes says of his mother-in-law.

Make room for Granny
More Americans living with extended family

They say it works just fine thanks to a new home designed specifically for multi-generational families -- one with a separate suite for Linda. "It's very private," Linda says. "(When) my friends come up from West Palm (Beach, another Florida city), the entrance is real close to my door here."

Leanne's concern was for her mother. "I didn't want her to lose her sense of independence. And then you're always concerned when you're living with somebody that are we going to always fight are we going to be at each others' throats?"

Watch the video above to see how home builders are reacting to the housing need for multi-generational families.