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How to Get the Best Frequent Flyer Miles Deals

When I travel, I am not especially savvy about making the best use of my frequent flyer miles. I know there are ways to be more efficient and methodical, but I tend to grab whatever flight is cheapest or most convenient, and I rack up miles with a variety of airlines. And I rarely take the time to figure out the best way to use the disparate miles I have accumulated. Now there's a remedy.

Milewise is a travel search engine that shows you in one centralized place how many frequent flyer miles are connected with every flight.

For the most part, Milewise works like any other search engine. You need to create a free account to start using the service, and then you can specify your travel destination and dates. Milewise pulls data from all the usual suspects, such as Orbitz and the airlines themselves. But in addition to the actual ticket price, you get to see how many miles it costs to redeem your frequent flyer miles, and how many miles you earn.

Once you conduct a search, you can fine tune it in a variety of ways, such as narrowing the search to only airlines you care about, limiting the number of stops you're willing to make, and you can drag a slider to specify the hours of the departure and takeoff.

All of those features are cool but at the end of the day it's all about the flyer mile data in the search results. Milewise is a powerful way to take control of your various airline reward programs for both business and personal travel.

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