How To Get Gas For Free

There may be no free lunch, but there is free gas!

The Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen says it's as close as your nearest computer.

And with gas prices topping out above $3 and the summer driving season just around the corner, her report comes in the nick of time.

She found numerous Web sites offering relief for your pain at the pump, and visited with a Brooklyn, N.Y., demolition contractor who gets free gas for his hummer.

When Mike Amico bought it, he knew it'd be a gasoline guzzler. He was spending about $200 a week to fill its hungry tanks. But, says Koeppen, Amico turned his gas hog into a cash cow. This month, he'll get $100 in free gas.

How's he doing it?

He turned his hummer into a rolling billboard, agreeing to put a company's advertisement on his Hummer. In return, Amico gets a gift card to his favorite gas station.

Amico says fellow motorists "are definitely looking at" the ad, and "are definitely intrigued." He plans to put more signs on his truck, which will mean more free gas for him.

Amico told Koeppen he has "no problem whatsoever" putting ads on his vehicle: "NASCAR drivers do it, tennis players do it. Why not me?"

He works through a Web site called, which pairs drivers with advertisers. To qualify, you need to drive at least 1,000 miles a month, your car needs to be in good condition, and you need to be the registered owner. Participants can get up to $200 (or more in certain cases) in free gas a month. Advertising options range from door magnets to complete vehicle ad coverage.

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