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How to carve roast chicken


(CBS News) I've just recently noticed the drastic difference in price between different cuts of chicken breast in the grocery store. Those that are broken down into cutlets, or even bone-in but sliced in half, are so much more expensive than the breasts you can purchase whole.

It makes complete sense, of course, but still it really shocked me!

Video: Carving chicken 101

Knowing how to be my own butcher, in this case, was seriously convenient...and that's not something I'd normally say of this skill (gross). But just knowing how to carve chicken properly can be a real money saver.

All you'll need are some basic knife skills and 10 minutes to spare. Easy as that.

Watch the video above to learn how to quarter a roasted chicken.

This is a great technique to use for our roast chicken recipe! Or keep it simple with a yummy side dish, like lemon risotto or barbeque beans