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How much can you get paid to take surveys online?

Person working on an online study website.
Taking surveys isn't for everyone and it will likely not replace a full-time job. But it can likely help you meet some short-term goals. Getty Images

If you're looking to make a few extra dollars in your spare time, then online surveys may be a good move for you.

Paid online surveys aren't for everyone. Some can require significant time and energy (plus, additional screentime), but if you have some time on your hands then it's worth giving them a try.

It's easy to get started. You just have to create an account on a secure market research site like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks, answer some simple questions and then pick the surveys you'd like to take (some will also include the estimated time it will take to complete them). Ready to start earning some additional cash or gift cards in your free time? Sign up today.

How much do online surveys really pay?

You may be wondering whether paid surveys are worth it. The short answer: It depends on your goals.

If you're looking to make some extra cash to spend on weekends, holiday gifts or contribute to bills, then it may be worth it. However, if you're looking to make significant cash, then there are other passive income options you may want to consider first. 

Taking surveys isn't for everyone and it will likely not replace a full-time job. So, if you have aggressive goals, then getting a second job or side hustle (like freelancing, signing up for a gig-working platform, etc.) may be your best bet.

"You won't get rich taking surveys and it's not meant to take the place of a full-time job but it can supplement your income and give you a little extra flexibility in your budget," Survey Junkie, which claims to have over 25 million members, notes on its website.

Here's what some popular paid survey sites say about potential earnings:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Branded Surveys

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie says you can earn as much as $40 a month if you complete three surveys each day. 

"Your individual earning potential depends on the time you choose to commit, the ways you participate and your earnings goal. Members who take surveys and opt in to share their online activity unlock the most value from their membership," Survey Junkie says.

Learn more about Survey Junkie and how much you can potentially earn by taking surveys online.


According to Swagbucks, most members are able to make at least $1 to $5 each day (or at least $365 or up to $1,825 a year). 

However, you may be able to earn even more if you're willing to invest the time. 

"Per month, you can reasonably earn an extra $50 to $250. When it comes to paid surveys, you get what you put out of it. It helps to set small daily goals. If you wanted to make an [extra] $100 a month, that's $3.33 a day you would need to earn. That's very doable on a paid survey site," Swagbucks says. The site even has a blog post that explains how you can make your first $50

The more time you spend and the more surveys you take, the higher the level you'll reach. Hundreds of users have reached the rare diamond-level status, meaning they've made more than $20,000, according to Swagbucks. Learn more.

Branded Surveys

"If you want to make the most money possible completing surveys, your best strategy is to be honest and factual while completing as many surveys as you can. Regardless of the payout threshold, even small amounts add up over time. Most surveys at Branded pay between $1-$3, although we occasionally have opportunities for much higher earnings," Branded Surveys explains on its website. 

You can create a free profile on Branded Surveys within minutes. Learn more.

How it works

Most online survey sites use a points system, which means you earn a specific number of points per survey, poll, trivia game, or more. Once you meet a certain number of points, you'll be able to exchange them for money or gift cards.

For example, with Swagbucks, most users earn between 40 to 200 points for each survey (100 points translates to $1).

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